Extend the life of your Lacrosse Gloves with GloveSaverz from Evespeed Sports
Glove$averz extend the life of your favorite LAX Gloves. Stay in the Game and make your gloves last longer with Glove$averz.
$ave your Money. $ave your Lacrosse Gloves. $ave your LAX Game with Glove$averz!
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Evespeed Sports was founded by Brandon & Cody Eveson and Ginger Goodspeed in early 2009. Combining our efforts and expertise on and off the field, we formed Evespeed Sports (a contraction of our last names).

We provide Exceptional LAX Action Photography!  Click here to view the photos we shot for Ryan Powell, Rhino Lacrosse & Powell Lacrosse.

"Ginger!! These are freakin awesome!!! Nice work." -- Ryan Powell, 4x All American, Repeat MLL MVP, repeat NLL MVP, Team Captain for Team USA World Champions, Owner Rhino Lacrosse and Powell Lacrosse.

It is our goal to reduce your cost to play lacrosse while improving the performance of your gloves. Providing LAX players with Glove$averz keeps them in the game while $aving money! Repair your favorite lacrosse gloves or extend the life of your new gloves quickly and easily.

Over 1000 lacrosse players, coaches and parents were surveyed and noted the players' gloves typically wear out mid-season. Few gloves last the entire lax season. The lacrosse glove manufacturers love this . . . it means you have to purchase a new pair of $pendy gloves just a few months after purchasing a brand new pair. 

Add a set of Glove$averz! This allows you to increase the performance of your gloves and makes them last season(s) longer. 

Players report the Glove$averz are light, they cannot tell they are on, and they increase the player's ability to grip the stick.

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One set covers both the left & right gloves  - Any Brand - sizes 10-13.5

$29 - Free Shipping + No Tax
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